Tan Heels Inspired by the Whitsundays

EMU Australia Whitsunday in Oak $189.95.jpg
Australian shoe brand Emu has recently put out a new summer sandal, the Whitsunday wedges. I drool.

For anyone unsure, the Whitsunday Islands make up one of Australia's most spectacular spots, and featured in the infamous Tourism Australia ad from a few years back. Ah that white sand... just look at it!


I know what you’re thinking, wedges probably wouldn’t be the best shoe option for walking down this beach, but I think what Emu had in mind was something more luxurious, more resort-by-the-sea, more Orange County-esque. Something more like this…


Can’t you just envisage some gloriously tanned women lounging poolside, a cocktail in one hand, a magazine in the other, and these gorgeous shoes upon her feet? Ah, lifestyles of the rich and famous… sadly not my own! Although I can’t afford a pair of these beauties right now (RRP $189.95) or a trip to the Whitsundays any time soon, Emu got something right… Tan heels are the ultimate summer shoe.

As the weather warms up and the winter boots - much as I love them - move to the back of the cupboard, there is nothing I would rather wear on my feet than a pair of tan coloured heels. There’s something so appealing about tan leather, something so universally gorgeous. They are endlessly flexible; they can adapt to both day and night looks; they look good with any colour you chose; and they can adopt any style.

To give you a taste of just how flexible tan heels can be, and also because I like modelling and having my friends model “for the blog”, I have brought together 4 pairs of my favourite tan heels in vastly different styles, each as wonderful as the last!

The Strappy Heel

Me close_Fotor.jpg

There are a thousand variations on the strappy tan heel, but it’s a classic.- This super feminine style (y’all know how I love my strappy heels) can be dressed up for going out, worn casually with day outfits or worked into corporate outfits for us office girls.

Me full_Fotor.jpg

The Quasi Boot

Tash close_Fotor.jpg

Kind of like a cheat for those of us who just love our winter boots too much, this style lets your feet breathe on hot summer days with little peep holes for your toes and heels. The brown colour and wooden heel instantly turns this boot style into a sophisticated summer staple.

photo (4).jpg

The T-Bar

Lauren close_Fotor.jpg

There is something so classy about round-toed T-Bars, and no one wears this pretty 40s style quite like my big sis, Lauren! If only we had the same shoe size…


The Clog

Clog heels - close.jpg

It’s not just Danish girls that look good in wooden shoes! This pair actually belongs to a friend of mine who doesn’t typically go in for expensive shoes and clothes, but it seems the pulling power of this here pair was too great! The wood and stud combo go a treat with the brown leather, and the small heels are great for us slightly taller folk!

Clog heels - full.jpg

Now to finish off as I almost always do, with the aforementioned rich and famous who have conspicuous amounts of money to spend on whatever shoes their heart desire. If only…

Whether it’s giant ombre pumps, the classiest of kitten heels, or the pointed variety, these celebs demonstrate the beauty of tan heels in all shapes and sizes. Just wanted to go in a bit closer to LC’s pair. Those things are to die for!

Celeb - Carey Mulligan.jpg

Carey Mulligan's tan ombre pumps are as beautiful and unique as the actress herself, and complement her feminine dress perfectly.

Celeb - Kate Middleton.jpg

Kate Middleton's kitten-heel shoes are oh-so-cute while in keeping with the ladylike, conservative style of the princess. I love the colour coordinating with her outfit too!

Celeb - Solange.png

These pointy-toed heels look fantastic with Solange's killer yellow frock. They are the perfect finish to her edgy look, and blend with her skin tone so as to let the dress and hair speak for themselves.

Celeb - LC full.png

Lauren Conrad is just about every girl's style icon, and this outfit reminds me yet again why she deserves to be. Her tan accessories including these amazing shoes are fantastic for her feminine beachy look.

Celeb - LC close.png

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