Hot or Not: The Man Bun

The man bun, or 'the mun' as many like to call it, is something few men can really pull off, but something an increasing number of men are trying. There was a time when buns on men were only seen on samurai warriors, but no longer. After having its moment back in the 70s and 80s when long-haired musicians and the hippy population was at large, the mun is making a serious comeback, this time into mainstream culture.

Man buns are an increasingly common sight in Hollywood, on some of the best looking men tinsel town has to offer, too. Just because the man sporting the bun may be damn fine though, doesn't mean this look is always a goer. This is a hard look for a lot of men to pull off. I can't put my finger on quite what it is, but there is some essential quality needed to sport a mun and still look good.

Below are some of my favourite and, erm, not-so-favourite mun-wearers. What do you think - hot or not?


Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't really have quite enough hair to be attempting the mun, and the result is a little ridiculous and kind of creepy. Fitting though - he sports this look in his upcoming film NIGHTCRAWLER in which he plays a serious creep.


Nope. Nope nope nope. Colin Farrell, this is not OK. Especially paired with a tux. Come on bro, you usually do so much better!


Jared Leto is equal parts hot and genuinely beautiful (he's also 42... what?!) and I don't know how he does it, but he makes the man bun work wonders. This is how to sport this look on the red carpet!


Brad Pitt is just a little too much of a pretty boy to get away with this look. Something about trimmed/styled facial hair with long blonde hair just does not work.


Chris Hemsworth proves that blonde guys can look incredibly manly and incredibly attractive with the mun. This is one guy who looks better with long hair than short in my opinion. Those arms though...


Ezra Miller is one of my favourite actors (We Need to Talk about Kevin - see it) and also seems just one of the coolest people ever. His unique style is suited to the man bun, he looks awesome.


David Beckham has tried just about every hairstyle under the sun, so it's only natural he's dabbled in mun territory. Not bad, not great either. Leave it to the pros David.


Jason Mamoa's real-life hair isn't quite as long as the Khal Drogo he portrays in Game of Thrones, but it's pretty impressive! There's something very surfer-ish about his mun style, I kinda love it.


Leonardo DiCaprio has been sporting a mun of late and I surprisingly don't hate it! Maybe it's the hand gesture here but the mun/beard combo seem to give him a certain air of dignity...


Russell Brand's mun is gross. That being said, he sports the mun only when doing Yoga to get his hair out of the way, and therefore this is OK. Muns are a necessary part of having long hair, I just wish he didn't opt for the topknot look.


Heath Ledger did muns before they were cool, and yet he looks cooler than anyone else on the list.


Orlando Bloom has been sporting a mun since back in his Pirates days, and maybe it's the obsessed 13 year old talking, but I think he looks nothing short of perfect.

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