Pretty Pink Polishes - My Faves

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If you're anything like me, you have a long-standing love affair with nail polish. For most of us, it is the first makeup we come into contact with as young girls and it is perhaps for this reason that is stands in my mind's eye on some sort of pedestal... the product that started my love of make up and discovering new styles and colours. As is typical of young girls, I was especially drawn to pretty pinks.

Now as an adult, I love pink nail polish just as much. When looking at colours on the shelves though, I am often overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of variety available to me... am I the only one?! Whether you're into subtle, barely-there shades or bright, buzzy colours, the number of nail polishes out there to chose from can be (dare I say it) a little too much sometimes.

Below I have summed up four of my personal favourites which each offer something a little different, and are suited to different occasions. I wanted to give you a look at a select number of different pinks, all of which I LOVE and all of which I rate and recommend highly. Maybe this could even help next time you're lookimg for a pretty new pink to try.

1. Essie Spaghetti Strap.png

The classic French pink, every girl has got to have one. While I often want to go a brighter, bolder colour, the fact of the matter is if you don't have the time / patience to sit around waiting for 3 coats of a solid colour to dry, this stuff goes only requires one quick coat and instantly makes nails look strong, well-maintained, and oh-so-pretty. Bonus: chipping is much less noticeable in this shade!

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4. NARS - Ratin Jot.jpg

Not going to lie, I love this shade so much that I may have stolen it from my big sis. It's such a gorgeous colour, I am crazy about the cool toned pink. NARS is a great brand, and their nail polishes go on like an absolute dream. It's daring without being too in-you-face, so you can easily wear it into the office, but it's also fun to wear out and about.

4. On.jpg

2. Maybelline - Rose Fuschia.jpg

The hottest of hot pinks, this is bright nail polish at its best! This is a warmer tone than the one above and definitely pops more. If you haven't tried this range from Maybelline, I highly recommend it - it's affordableand glorious, drying in no time and going on really smoothly so you don't get streaks and bubbles (a personal pet peeve). Definitely my favourite hot pink on offer, this colour makes a neutral outfit instantly fun and flirty, and looks great with a matching lip.

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3. Essie Lovie Dovie.jpg

I know I've already done an essie shade but the fact of the matter is no one does nail polish quite as well as these guys! Their shade lovie dovie is as cute as the name suggests. It's a really girly bubblegum pink shade, definitely a good one for summer! If you want something a little more interesting than the classic French look, but aren't accustomed to bright polishes, give this one a go for something fun without being too drastic.

3. On.jpg

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