My Fave Pink Lippies for Breast Cancer Awareness

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month which means hopefully a lot of women getting themselves checked, hopefully a lot of money being put into Breast Cancer Foundations worldwide, but most certainly an increased amount of pink everywhere. From buildings like Auckland's Sky Tower to clothes (plus the ribbons people attach to them) pink is everywhere this month!

New Image.jpg

Auckland's skytower in pink this month

Because my love for this colour has been growing of late, and also because Breast Cancer Awareness Month provides a good reason to explore and show off this classic colour, I want to put a spotlight on all things pink this month starting by highlighting some of my favourite cosmetic products in the handsome hue.

In my video blog below (that's right, I've done another!) I show you some of my favourite pink lippies, from natural matte tones to the brightest pink glosses on the shelves. I don't pretend to be a makeup expert, but I am a girl like any other who basically just loves putting the stuff on and trying new things out. I know what I think looks nice... Do you agree with my picks?

For those of you that prefer reading to watching, I have outlined the products below and added some fun pics ('cause really, who doesn't enjoy a fun pic or two?!). Make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page this month as I'll be giving away pretty pink products all month in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so make sure you're in to win some of my fave products!

P.S. I realized after filming the below that I say 'um' a concerning amount. Really. I think I have a problem. Apologies if this annoys you as much as it did me, I'll make sure I don't do that next time! Any feedback on videos or blogs or anything is always welcome so please email me at if you have any! x


  • Subtly natural pink tone that is great for the office or a low-key makeup look that just makes you look a bit more polished.

  • Easy to wear colour for any complexion

  • My personal everyday fave



  • New product - not just a balm or a lip colour but a glorious mix of the two

  • Fun to apply. Something about putting something that looks like a crayon on my face, makes me feel like a little kid playing dress ups again

  • Really classic, girly pink shade

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