Grey Hair, Don't Care!

I wrote the other day about the awesome film that has recently opened in NZ about a group of seriously inspiring senior citizens who do hip hop dancing for a hobby. Given that October 1st is officially the International Day of Older Persons I thought I would do another seniors-themed post... hope you don't mind!

Grey hair. It happens to us all. Yet for some reason, just like everything else that is part of the aging process, it is generally viewed as a bad thing. The amount of money made from hair dye products and services each year must number well into the millions if not billions globally.

This is something that your average Jane Bloggs will invest time, effort and money in, so I can only imagine what aging in Hollywood is like, where women and men's appearances are under the microscope of the whole world. The urge to cover greys and disguise that dreaded process that we call aging surely must increase ten fold.

Below are some of my favourite celebs who are letting themselves age gracefully and who earn my sincere respect for that very reason. They're not giving into those aforementioned pressures.

To be honest, I will probably change my mind and have a minor panic attack when my own greys starting creeping in. At this stage though, I just cannot fathom the fear and panic people seem to experience as their hair starts changing colour, and they undergo a process that happens to every human on the planet. No exceptions. Our hair turning grey and lines appearing on our faces are both part of a process that happens to everyone bar those who are robbed of the chance - the right, really - of growing older. So often seen as a bad thing, I think growing up and, yes, getting older is something pretty amazing really, and something we should ultimately be grateful we can experience.

Anyway, now I've done the deep little reflection thing I seem to do so easily (sorry guys!) let's look at these famous faces wearing age with pride.

Ben Stiller (48)

Ben Stiller (48).jpg

This guy isn’t what I consider old at all, but he is letting the grey hair just do its thing. Rock on.

Bruce Willis (59)

Bruce Willis (59).jpg

This guy is smart – he went bald before his hair line started receding or his hair started turning very grey so no one even seemed to notice the aging process.

Colin Firth (54)

Colin Firth (54).jpg

I suspect Colin will be one of those few that can still steal my heart when he’s 80. He’s just so gosh-darn-dashing.

Emma Thompson (55)

Emma Thompson (55).jpg

OK, OK so Emma is keeping up with the dye but she is definitely a prime example of letting herself age with grace. Who wouldn’t want those smile lines?

George Clooney (53)

Geirge Clooney (53).jpg

THE ultimate silver fox of Tinsel Town, this man just seems to get better with age… much like a fine wine.

Glenn Close (67)

Glenn Close (67).jpg

Glenn’s very fair blonde hair made the gradual transition to white was almost un-noticeable.

Helen Mirren (69)

Helen Mirren (69).jpg

While Helen is noticeably aging, she just seems to look better every time I see her. She is the prime example oof aging gracefully!

Jack Nicholson (77)

Jack Nicholson (77).jpg

This guy strikes me as one of those cheeky sorts whose personality is just suited to getting old and not really giving a f***. I kind of hope I’m like this when I’m 77.

Jamie Lee Curtis (55)

Jamie Lee Curtis (55).jpg

It’s awesome to see a female star just embrace the salt ‘n’ pepper look so confidently – the woman looks amazing.

Jeff Bridges (64)

Jeff Bridges (64).jpg

I love the grey beard, it’s super badass and I don't think anyone could wear it quite like Mr Bridges does.

Judi Dench (79)

Judi Dench (79).jpg

At almost 80 this actress owns her age and isn’t anywhere near slowing down, being nominated for an Academy Award (again) at the last Oscar ceremony. Go Judi, go!

Liam Neeson (62)

Liam Neeson (62).jpg

This guy has only recently become one of Hollywood’s leading action heroes, previously doing much heavier dramas. Proof that life doesn’t slow down as your years go up!

Lisa Bonet (46)

Lisa Bonet (46).png

I’ve always thought Lisa is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and when I recently saw photos of her showing off this grey shaved looked I wasn’t surprised she managed to make it look incredible! I suspect grey dreads could very easily be a total blegh look, but Miss Money rocks it.

Matt Damon (43)

Matt Damon (43).jpg

Matt’s been owning his new grey hair recently, but somehow he still seems super young to me – that face!

Meryl Streep (65)

Meryl Streep (65).jpg

OK again, Meryl hasn’t gone grey yet, but when she’s ready to she knows she’ll look absolutely fabulous thanks to her role in The Devil Wears Prada. She’s aging so well!!

Richard Gere (65)

Richard Gere (65).jpg

It’s hard to remember a time Richard wasn’t grey – he got ‘em young and has just gone with it. Another classic silver fox!

Robert De Niro (71)

Robert De Niro (71).jpg

Dubbed the greatest living actor, this legend doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, let alone his hair changing colour. He looks just as cool as he ever did. Even – dare I say it – better?

Vanessa Redgrave (77)

Vanessa Redgrave (77).jpg

Actually the mother-in-law of another in the grey list (Liam Neeson was married to Vanessa’ daughter, Natasha until her tragic death in 2009), Vanessa shows ladies everywhere how it’s done.

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