Bun Styles: 3 Favourites

Whether going on a date, into the office, out to a party, or into a ballet class (where most girls wear one for their first time), there is a hair bun for every occasion. Far from being boring, buns have the flexibility to cater to all our needs, working with every hair type and texture. Also, if you hair is a day overdue a wash but you need to rush out of the house, there's no more forgiving solution than bundling it into a quick and easy bun, disguising this slightly humiliating fact. Aaah, thank you hair buns! Check out 3 of my fave looks below.



This is a beauty tool every girl should have. If you haven't had the joy of using one yet, make sure that changes immediately! Most dollar stores stock them, and they come in shades to match all hair colours.

Why I love it Hair doughnuts create a flawless bun every time, giving you a clean, structured look perfect for the office. They also look great worn at any height, from the base of your neck, right up to top of your head.

side angle.jpg
behind angle.jpg


No tools needed for this one other than a hair elastic and a couple of bobby pins. Simple, girly and neat… what’s not to love about this look?

Why I love it This feminine style is easy to do and the result is demure and flirty - perfect for a date.



I struggled for a while to master this style, always finding my top knot flopping and sagging out of place which, as you can imagine, is not a good look. I found out the key is to not use an elastic band at all – a solitary hair clip is all that’s needed!

Why I love it Fun and surprisingly easy, this is a style so handy for those of us with long hair. I detail how I do mine…

Step 1.png

1. Scrape hair back into as if you are doing a high ponytail and, without using tying with an

elastic, twist the length of the ponytail 2. Hold the twisted ponytail up above your head 3. Hold on to the base of the hair twist with your hand. This is where your bun will sit so make sure you have it where you want it – either on your crown or move it forward to make a top knot that sits right on top of your head

Step 2.png

1. Holding onto the base of the hair twist firmly, bring it down and start wrapping it around

as shown 2. Once you start the wrapping process, it should catch onto itself and start forming a little bun, so you are able to let go of the base 3. Keeping wrapping the hair around – you can see my little bun start to take shape

Step 3.png

1. As you get towards the tips of your hair, make sure it still twisted as it stays in

place much easier. Using a hand to hold your bun steady, coil the remaining lengths

of hair around your finger 2. Continue wrapping this remaining length around the base of the bun until you have the last couple of inches left 3. Tuck this into the base and secure with a bobby pin

Step 4.png

1. I only use on bobby pin for this, which should be fine if you have twisted the hair well as it will hold in place. If you have shorter hair you made need more than one as it has a tendency to flick out and uncoil more 2. Smooth out the back by comnbing any noticeable bumps out with your fingers, and pull down any little wispy bits for a casual messier bun style 3. Voila! Love this look

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