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Today I went out in search of a Rainbow

December 12, 2013

Here’s a little known fact: when I was a schoolgirl I was often referred to as Rainbow Rachel. Why you ask? I had a habit of decorating everything in rainbow colours that I could get my hands on – textbooks, handmade string bracelets, my desk, birthday cards… suffice to say I was a tad obsessed. Something about the way the colours flowed into each other just captivated me.


Now here’s a lesser known fact: I am still just as enchanted by rainbow colours as a 23 year old as I ever was.


In admiration of rainbow colours and in honour of that young schoolgirl, I decided to combine my love of the outdoors with rainbow colours. Today I went out in search of a rainbow – here’s what Mother Nature provided me with on that outing.


P.S. I also tried my hand in making one of my old string bracelets, check it out below. It’s been a long time but I’ve still got it!


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