Hello and welcome in to The Room!

My name is Rachel, I'm a Kiwi who currently calls Toronto home. Before this I was in York, England (perhaps my favourite place ever) for a year, and London for three and a half years before that... I'm something of a sufferer of itchy feet. 

I created this website in late 2013 for the simple reason that I love to write. Only trouble was, I didn't know where to start in terms of subject matter, and I didn't want to limit myself ... so I didn't. I'm one of those people who likes a bit of everything (except slugs. I hate slugs.) so here you will find posts on all manner of subjects.

Just like a real room, I have filled it with things I love. On the shelf you'll find books, films and pop culture; give the globe a spin to read about my travels; take a look outside if you're a nature-lover or greenie at heart; the cork board is rammed with all sorts of random bits and bobs that I hold dear; the closet is for my inner fashionista (she tries...) and the dresser holds all things beauty. Enjoy looking around!

Rach  xo

P.S. Feel free to say hi - I'm at rachel@the-room.co.nz

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